Let me straight up with you, I did not know what to expect from More Life! Collectively, the world thinks Drake is the best rapper/artist in the world. Even though Views was not the album people expected from him, Aubrey surprising made a quick return back to the studio and now we have this “project/ album/playlist”– More Life.  I was hyped as fuck for Views and that obviously did not turn out so well, so I decided to do myself a favor and keep myself neutral regarding the anticipation of this project. In my opinion, I think Drake turned pop the moment One Dance dropped, yet he still fucks with Skepta, Giggs, Wizkid and Gucci Mane. At this point it does not really matter how good this project will be since More Life memes will rule social media heading into spring and summer, so lets start this review.

1. “Free Smoke”

Photo of Kid n Play
Kid N’ Play must fuck with Drake after he name dropped the 90’s rap duo

This is some 90’s Mariah Carey/ Alicia Keys type of intro. AND MORE CHUNE FOR YOUR HEADTOP SO WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON MY NAME YOU KNOW.  Drake is rapping hard, some If Your Reading This It’s Too Late flow. Drunk texting J. Lo, not bad Aubrey. Ghostwriting mentions, Jay and Meek references in the first song, IM SO FUCKING HIP. This is some Stay Schemin type of Drake.

No Long Talk ft. Giggs

Drake and Giggs

Drake really fucks with the grime scene, so I am not surprise to hear his rendition of a grime song. I started to fuck with the Grime scene and Giggs is one of the first grime artist I heard, I really like him. Quite the angry, hungry aggressive flow from Drake. You may look at Giggs face and think he’s a square, but DON’T FUCK WITH HOLLOWMAN (his nickname) “No Long Talk” isn’t a bad song, not the best, but not bad.


Ok, so this is definitely more Views like. This song reminds me of the single Sweeterman.  VIBES on a hunna, thousand, TRILLION.  Definitely can see this as a single.  I don’t like it but I can see why people do.

Jorja Interlude

Anytime Drake has an interlude named after a woman it’s an instant classic (Girls Love Beyonce, Madonna, etc) He wishes less life for the fake people like Meek Mill. So far, good album.  I think this song is based on the Jorja who is singing (Jorja Smith, perhaps).

 “Get It Together” (ft. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)

40 is one of the most overlooked producers in the game, DON’T SLEEP.  Not bad at all, though. Reminds me if One Dance and All Night (from Coloring Book) had a baby.  Yoh from djbooth.com says that “Drake did a SoundCloud mix and called it an album.” and I definitely agree with that statement.

Madiba Riddim


DRAKE HAS FULLY EVOLVED TO UNRULY DRIZZY. Not knowing who your friends are still is quite depressing Aubrey.  “Voodoo spells put on my life,” He’s really taking the Caribbean sound that Popcann, Beanie Man and others introduced  and turning it into mainstream music. This is essentially One Dance + Sweeterman.


UNRULY DRAKE IS BACK! THE FUCK IS A BLEM? Is that what guns sound like in the Carribeans? I don’t like moody Drake. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS A BLEM?!! More Carribean vibes from the 6 God. MAJOR TUNES. When you hear that classic Weezy “flicker, inhale, and cough”, YOU KNOW IT IS A WRAP.

4422 ft. Sampha

4422 (Drake-More Life)

SAMPHA IS REALLY THAT GUY!! He is like a nice cup of coffee, not too cold, but not scorching hot. Sampha sounds so good. I know when these drums drop it’s going to take 10 years off my life the way my heart is going to race. DAMMIT! He always seems to make me feel some type of way with his sweet but sour voice. Sampha has taken over this entire song, I love this!


I really mess with the beat, sounds more UK Hip-Hop than Grime. WHAT IN THE AD LIBS. This whole song seems to be just one humongous brag. Definitely can see your dealer whipping to this song. In particular he talks about rap game, money (in particular Nobu, Virginia Black, and Maybachs) , and those who are real and fake.

Skepta Interlude

SKEPPY x DRIZZY (Drake--More Life)

BLOCK THAT ACCOUNT IT’S A CATFISH! Skepta is probably one of my favorite current day grime artists (along with Stormzy, Chip, and Kano). He’s by far one of the realest rappers in the scene and this song is a great example of that. HE IS TRULY IN HIS BAG. Skepta is gritty and grimy and I can feel that in the song.

Portland ft. Quavo & Travis Scott

I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE THIS AND IF YOU KNOW MY BLOGS YOU KNOW THAT TRAP SONGS WITH FLUTES ARE MY FAVORITE TRAP SONGS. This might be my favorite verse thus far. Did Quavo really not realize the irony of saying “Don’t let niggas ride your wave.”on a Drake and Travis Scott record. Surprisingly I mess with all the verses, especially La Flame’s.

Sacrifices ft. 2 Chainz & Young Thug


FINALLY A 6 GOD x DREAD GOD x SLIME GOD record! I like this, reminds me of Big Amount. 2 Chainz is top 3 when it comes to features currently.  YOUNG THUG IS ON HIS SLIME SHIT!!! He just pulled a “Kendrick” and did his job. Well done, Jeffery.

Nothings Into Something

After the last song, I am PISSED that singing Drake came back. One would understand wh he would sing after a song like that. Not feeling the song overall.

Teenage Fever

This is some OVO x XO type of mess. This is Girls Love Beyonce Drake. Is this song a cry to J Lo or Rihanna? This is some sex music however, it is very meh.

KMT ft. Giggs

Drake and Giggs

First off, you could say anything, and literally anything rather than KISSING MY TEETH. This would definitely be lead single for an apocalypse. If you guys don’t know, this is the Drake song that he was accused of stealing XXXTENTACION’s flow.  I don’t mind this song. BATMAN….DA NA NA DA NA!

Lose You

This definitely should be part of the AM series. Production is pretty darn great. This is the Drake we love, that NWTS Drake. A philosophical Drake, reflecting Drake is a good Drake  I want to say in this installment of  wonder who this is about… He’s definitely talking to someone in particular, I think Meek, maybe Tory Lanez, perhaps Pusha T? I miss this Drake.

Can’t Have Everything

Drake’s is back to his “feeling himself” flow. Subliminal Drake will never win my affection, NEVER. Shout out Mama Drake.

Glow ft. Kanye West

Alright, so YEEZUS is in the track. WATCH OUT FO’ MEEEEEEEEE, I’M BOUND TO GLOWWWWW I like this back and forth hook singing. I’m floating in the air after what just happened. A motivational ANTHEM. AND THE BEAT JUST SWITCHED TO SOME TRIUMPHANT SHIT. If someone can tell me what is this sample in the end, that will be great!

Since Way Back ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

This is Take Care Drake, however I am really not a fan of the song, and PND made it unbearable.

Fake Love


Ice Melts ft. Young Thug

I knew Sacrifices thug wouldn’t make a return for this song! Okay, this is kind of growing on me Homage to Gucci and the boys from ATL with the “Icey like 1017,” line. A really fun track, the beat is neato.

Do Not Disturb

This is the second song that should be in the “AM” series. I REALLY MISS THIS DRAKE. Love me a nice subliminal Drake song, especially towards Tory Lanez. I am actually thinking if Drake is worried of Tory Lanez. “I’m a reflection of all your insecurities.” A decent ending, nonetheless.


The project is definitely a step better from Views, however it lacks that UMMPH that I got from NWTS. This is what I wanted from Views, but it did seem to be all over the place, however one of the best feature lineups on an album in quite sometime. From Caribbean, to Grime to even straight up trap, Drake has many influences. Yoh of djbooth.com says  “More Life is like taking the best of If You’re Reading This and Views and turning it into one big playlist project.” and I couldn’t of agreed more with this remark. To me, the project is just one big island vibe clusterfuck.


Check out Drake’s project– More Life, on Spotify and other streaming services. Benjy out.