In the summer of last year, I was in the car with a couple of my good friends, and one of my friends named Gabe (Shoutout Gabe), had aux cord duties. He started blasting up some wavy type of music and I asked him “Yo, who is this man? He’s lowkey dope.” He replies back to me saying “His name is Nav, and I promise you he’s gonna blow up a year from now….”

8 months later, Nav has been blowing up tremendously by signing to The Weeknd’s XO imprint, being featured on various projects including Travis Scott’s and Belly’s,  announcing a future project with Metro Boomin as the featured producer and releasing his debut self titled mixtape–NAV. I along with many had high expectations for the producer/rapper when he announced his mixtape. However that is not the case, and I think he should take a step back since he has given us way too much (and for a debut especially)! I’m not gonna review the mixtape song by song, since they are literally all the same.

I realized this and Patrick Lyons of  also saw this but this mixtape can be categorized into 3 main themes:

  1. Drugs and him enjoying drugs (in particular, codeine, weed, promethazine, xanax, and pills of a general manner)
  2.  “Started from the bottom now we are here”
  3. Women (In particular, the “I’m only here for the pussy” mentality)

The album is very well produced and very, VERY catchy however the main problem that I have is that you should not play all 11 of its tracks  and be bored by the 5th track!, By the 8th track for me, it was so watered down and boring, and yes that included his highly revered “sad nigga” production.

NAV’s got definite skill as a producer– but I’m not impressed by the debut mixtape (his beats are perfectly fine though). He is one of the few producers in the game that I respect right now due to his deep, tranquil sounds. However, maybe NAV is a bit too much NAV for the nation right now.

Stay up NAV, it was good, but not great.