With perhaps his most focused and rich album to date, Future brings back the most loyal of his fans to his Dirty Sprite (DS1 and DS2) and Pluto days. 10 albums later, and with rumors for ANOTHER FREAKING ALBUM to be released later this week, Future brings solid trap filled and heavy bass tracks to the plate. The greatest thing about the release of the album is that there was no features, no heavy promotion, no single, nothing! Future is in-depth, and the production is the wackiest and creative we have heard in the post Ciara era. Anyways, let’s get right into the review!

Rent Money

What a great intro! The beginning sounds very daunting and powerful, bass is bumping, but what not to expect from Future. I swear this song can be the anthem for a bunch of codeine sipping trappers going to war. Love the Empire reference too. This some “me vs. the world” type of music. I want to steal from my own home right now.

Good Dope


The flow is pretty darn good as well. Even though it is pretty damn repetitive, I can still nod to this all day. Shout out to DJ Esco on this one.


I swear I can high-speed cruise to this song, this is some “Midnight Club Toyko” type of music. Future has been going BEAST MODE (get it…) the past couple of songs. Now this skit, this skit right here nigga, by GAWD! Future is one of the kings of petty nonsense in the rap game and many people have already assumed that Lil Draco is Soulja Boy and that Lil Extendo is Desiigner. Start the gun noises boys!



I can imagine your local trapper going to Mercury listening to this song. It’s very bouncy and really wavy and heartless as fuck (You ain’t never ever get your bitch back…god damn Nayvadius). I really like this song and the a capella part at the end really made it work for me!

Super Trapper

So I guess “Super Trapper” is one of Future’s new alter egos. Bass is heavy. Future made this album for the sub woofers. I’m pretty sure this one will be heard from the Eastside to the Westside all summer. beat is really interesting an eery as hell at the same time


This is AN AUX CORD CLASSIC. Everyone knows Future isn’t really about that drug life, but for a second y’all, imagine if he is!

Mask Off

I told you guys this before on the CULTURE Album Review, but I fuck with flutes heavy as an instrumental.  This is slow. Instrumental reminds me of 2 Chainz Big Amount. I can definitely see  Samurai Jack fight Aku in Atlanta to this. This is definitely my favorite along with Draco after the intro. CHASE A CHECK, NEVER CHASE A BITCH.

High Demand

THIS IS A BANGER. After the “Draco season with the bookbag” line,  “Future in high demand, Future in high demand” is gonna be the second official chant in the album. He really went to a Falcons game in a helicopter, if that is not classy, I don’t know what is.  I like this a lot.

“Outta Time”

The first filler in the album. After High Demand, I expected more than this. Another peculiar and eery beat but I am not exactly drawed in to the song though.


Personally glad the last song ended quickly. I am officially calling this as the sequel to “Move that Dope”. Another trap song about whipping up the work. Future makes trap music for your white friend named Steve. A solid record.

I’m So Groovy

This pretty much sums up this song.

Might As Well

This song can definitely work if it was in his earlier work (Pluto, Honest). Like the petty Ciara shade in the song (“Child support getting heavy…”) .

13. “Poppin’ Tags”

SHEEEESH. This some found 100 dollars in public music, some won the lottery music, some just bought an ostrich music. Ad libs are hella awkward, hope he isn’t related to Lil Draco and Lil Extendo.


Massage In My Room

“I hate if you love her, I’mma fuck her.” That and “Introduce me to your bitch as wifey and we know she sluttin” are possible the most savage lines I have heard regarding a significant other this year. Besides that it’s another filler track.


It’s starting to feel repetitive right about now, I think I’m ready for the album to end. The beat is dope but I wasted all my energy in the beginning of the album.  I fuck with the skit heavy though, really do.

When I Was Broke

If I hear keys as beautiful as that, either my friend Sean (Shoutout Sean) or Zaytoven is playing, in this case its Zaytoven. This song is dedicated to the most loyal of girls. Only one man can make a reference to Michael Jackson’s youngest son and keeping it strapped on him. This song would be ideal for Honest or 56 Nights. Solid penultimate song.

Feds Did A Sweep

Sad Future makes me sad. It’s quite the dark song. As usual in a Future album, it’s a smooth, mellow track. This song is for all the real ones in jail. “Let’s link up,”, damn Future, don’t make me tear up. Great final song

Future returned stronger and vigorous. This is one of Future’s best, top 3 projects if we are being perfectly honest. Future definitely proved to the most fickle of his fans that he truly never fell off.


I would say Future’s back, but like Yoh of DJ Booth said, “he truly never left”.

Check out Future’s self-titled album on all music streaming platforms, Benjy signing out.