To be perfectly honest with y’all, my first time listening to the Atlanta trio Migos was Bando, off their 2013 mixtape YRN (Yung Rich Nation). Migos has influenced so much of modern-day rap and trap music. From their popularization of the Dab, to almost everyone stealing the trademark “Migos Flow” when they first came out with Versace. Migos definitely more than just rappers. They even have their own snacks (btw this is by far the funniest video i have ever seen)!

CULTURE is chock full of Migos singles such as the reigning number 1 single Bad and Boujee featuring everyone’s favorite Goyard wearing rapper– Lil Uzi Vert, and also T Shirt— the cocaine whippin’ anthem. Migos are truly the modern day Beatles like Donald Glover said and CULTURE truly impacts the culture of trap!

Migos has always kept it 100 and always stayed in their lane. Year after year, they have always been releasing quality bangers . They used the Drake “stimulus package” (S/O DJ Akademiks) from Versace and never settle for becoming the one hit wonders that so many thought that they would be.Anyways, lets start the album review.Culture (Intro) ft. DJ Khaled

Culture (Intro) ft. DJ Khaled

First off, quick question: do you think that DJ Khaled can surpass the upper echelon of hypeman like Diddy, Jermaine Dupri and DJ Drama? I personally don’t really get the “Culture album coming soon” line, maybe this song was a Major Key cut off. Good start to the album though.



The video for T-Shirt possibly goes down as one of the best music videos so far of 2017. Nice smooth southern beat. Classic Migos cocaine whippin’ song. Wasn’t the biggest fan of Offset’s verse however. Takeoff killed it, Quavo is trap’s answer to T-Pain (I miss T-Pain.)

Call Casting

I swear Zaytoven is the second nicest producer that uses the piano to his advantage (first is my good friend Sean, shoutout Sean). Also shout out every single white celebrity Quavo has ever mentioned (J.J. Watt, Miley Cyrus, Andy Milonakis.) Personally not meant to be a single but its nice. Also, is there like a Zaxby’s near by Massachusetts?


Bad and Boujee

5 quick points

  1. Young Metro killed this beat
  2. Offset’s intro to his verse is and forever will be the greatest intro of all time.
  3. Quavo Ratatouille lives:fullsizerender
  4. I will forever advocate that Takeoff COULD and WOULD HAVE KILLED IT in place of Lil Uzi Vert’s verse, even though he did decent.
  5. This…

Get Right Witcha

THERE IS A FUCKING FLUTE!. BEAT IS STRONG AS FUCK. OFFSET LOVES GIRLS WITH CELLUITE and so does every middle schooler who love porn!

Slippery ft. Gucci Mane

Beat is eery af, sounds like a Mike Will Made It throwaway that Nikki Minaj or Rae Sremmurd would rap on. Flow is crazy though! Gucci is old Gucci (not quite Lemonade or Freaky Gurl Gucci, more like “Lost in the Sauce” Gucci). Still a good middle of the album song.


Big on Big

Zaytoven is to my friend Sean (once again, shoutout Sean) what Quavo is to an angelic goat. The song sounds like what Interstellar in Atlanta is like, so beautiful. Quavo still kills it, matter of fact everyone kills it. Glad they are bragging on how most rappers can not really go as big as them. Possibly my favorite song on the album.

What the Price

The guitar intro and outro: flames

Offset’s ad libs and harmonizing levels: beautiful

Though it sounds like a Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight reject, it was decent!

Brown Paper Bag

This sounds like a Future beat (definitely made for Beast Mode). Calling this as the next radio single for Migos. Did you guys know that Quavo was in Forbes, neither did I, but thanks for telling us Quavo!

Deadz ft. 2 Chainz


I swear 2 Chainz hit the beat harder than Daniel Son the Necklace Don (ehh? ehh?!) This song is made for pregame locker room hype (btw, shoutout to my boy Carl and my high school basketball team for the win last night.) Anyways, this song slaps crazy hard.

All Ass

If you are a southern rapper and you do not give one track dedicated o strippers or strip clubs, YOU ARE NOT FROM THE SOUTH. Other than that, it is a filler track, I’ll leave this here just or the type of clubs that would enjoy this song.

Kelly Price

First off, I love the name homage to Kelly Price, she had the pipes! Definitely notice a La Flame vibe to it,personally not the biggest fan of it. I hope this isn’t what the Quavo-La Flame collab album sounds like. Definitely expected more from the song, and I NEVER WANT TO HEAR AUTO TUNE TAKEOFF EVER AGAIN.

Out Yo Way

I grown into this song. Quavo’s attempt on singing is kinda like my school’s attempt at their annual MLK interfaith service– hit or miss. This is kinda like the Migos’ attempt to Childish Gambino’s Redbone, and Takeoff definitely made the most of that opportunity.

Migos is full of energy, just like the South. This is one of the most fun albums I’ve listened to in quite some time. Migos reminds me of Allen Iverson, baller as fuck, flashy as fuck, and has a criminal record (sorry Takeoff!). CULTURE is what the culture needed, and Migos provided.

What was the first Migos song you ever listened to, let me know in the comments below! Benjy signing out.