If you ask any person living and breathing on earth “Who are the top 3 rappers in the games as of now”, Kendrick Lamar is a unanimous pick for one of the spots. K. Dot’s ability to change the atmosphere of a song with pure suave makes him one of the most sought after artists for features. Hype Street, MA presents Kendrick Lamar’s 10 Best Features.

10. Fragile- Tech N9NE ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY!, Kendall Morgan

Kendrick puts anger and frustration into Tech N9NE’s track regarding how artists, like us, are human and can show emotion especially to those that continuously critic their work so hard to the point that it is deemed “garbage.” Kendrick is almost spewing vile acid at these critics due to the immense power he places in his voice.

Favorite Line: “Tell me that you love me, always thinkin’ of me/ Unconditional, I’m hoping I’m your favorite/ grab a fishing pole and throw me with the sharks? That’s the feelin’ I get when you’re concentratin’ on this pen, on this pad”

Watch Fragile here!

9. Fuckin’ Problems- A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar

In A$AP Rocky stacked song “Fuckin’ Problems”, it’s pretty darn repetitive (“I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problem/ and yeah, I like to fuck, I got a fuckin’ problem.”) but two lines remain synonymous with the Platinum single courtesy of K.Dot.

Favorite Lines: “Girl, I know you want this DIHH’ and ” Hallie Berry, hallelujah / holla back, I’ll do ya, beast”

Beast indeed, Kendrick, beast indeed.

Watch Fuckin’ Problems Here!

8. Deep Water – Dr. Dre ft. Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar, Justus 


I always love a nice subliminal thrown at Aubrey Drake Graham. Not only does Kendrick name drop’s the 6 God’s song (Started from the Bottom), but he also talks about how tough it can be to remove yourself from the streets and it’s troubles.

Favorite Line: “They liable to carry him, they nominated six to carry him/ They worry him to death, but he’s no vegetarian”

Watch Deep Water Here!

7. Solo Dolo Pt. 2 – Kid Cudi ft. Kendrick Lamar

It isn’t the best Kendrick Lamar feature, but the hook finished off one of the standout tracks on Kid Cudi’s “Indicud”. Good choice by Cudi by placing on of the hottest MCs of that year (20130 in the album.

Favorite Line: “Two lips, you kiss my ass tonight, huh?”

Watch Solo Dolo Pt. 2 Here!

6. Blessed – Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar

Blessed still is one of SchoolBoy Q’s best, yet criminally underrated songs. Kendrick, technicality wise, was absolutely unbelievable on the song. I for one am still “blessed” hear a song like this.

Favorite Line: “Come back, give back to the city you’ve built”

Watch Blessed Here!

5. The City – The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick’s first big feature came a fellow Compton legend The Game’s underrated album, R.E.D. Album. Kendrick seems to be next up in terms of holding the “throne” to West Coast Hip-Hop and the Game gave him as much room as possible to show his worth.

Favorite Line: “Look at my heart, nigga, fuck your feelings, this is me”

Watch The City Here!

4. Holy Key – DJ Khaled ft. Big Sean, Betty Wright, Kendrick Lamar

In heavy consideration for the best Kendrick Lamar feature of 2016 is the standout track on DJ Khaled’s Major Key. Kendrick absolutely kills his verse. He seems to do that a lot whenever he is featured along Big Sean…

Favorite Line: “The universe and the heavens work in my DNA/ Kendrick said “Fuck Mother Earth.” that’s PSA.”

Watch Holy Key Here!

3. No More Parties in L.A. – Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar

In contention with Holy Key for the best 2016 Kendrick Lamar feature is No More Parties in L.A. Kendrick goes bar for bar with an energized Kanye and with samples including Give Me Long Love  by Johnny Watson and Thundertussy by  Jane Morrison, he really shows out!

Favorite Line: “That pussy should only be holding exclusive rights to me.”

Watch No More Parties in L.A. Here!

2. Control – Big Sean ft. Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick drop a (FLEX) bomb on the rap community when Control was released. This is by far one of rap’s most important moments of this decade. Kendrick revitalized the tactic of name dropping fellow artists and also got fellow rapper’s attention on that Kendrick is truly not the one to mess with. It’s impact on the rap world still lingers to this date but it still isn’t No. 1.

Favorite Line: ” I’m untouchable, I’m unsociable: fuck y’all clubs!/ Fuck y’all pictures! Your instagram can gobble these nuts!

Watch Control Here!

1. Nosestalgia –  Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar

Nosestalgia is better than Control, SUE ME. The story in his verse is absolutely unbelievable!   Every single bar  plays a role in building the narrative. It is my choice for best K. Dot feature verse and maybe even best Kendrick verse period due to how structured and concise the verse is. That in it self makes it the number 1 Kendrick Lamar feature verse.

Favorite Line: He said “Son, how come you think you be my connect?”/I said “Pops, your ass is washed up, with all due respect”/He said “Well nigga, then show me how it all makes sense”/Go figure, mothafucka, every verse is a brick, your son dope, nigga.

Watch Nosestalgia Here!


Leave your comments down below on what you think is the best Kendrick feature!